Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in VAK... Fall 2010

What a wonderful feeling to be home! It has been so great to sleep in my own bed, eat dinner at my dining table while looking out at the lake, and be back in my own routine. My first night home I came up to the school and got my classroom nearly all set up... I am very excited for the new school year.

Yesterday I slept in all the way past one in the afternoon! :) That was great. I awoke to my former students knocking on my door, wanting to hang out. So, I made some good ol' Kaladi's coffee and we headed out. First stop, the post office where I had beaucoup mail awaiting me. Then, we headed out past the old airport and went berry-picking on the tundra. Really, we just ate the berries and spent some fun time together... it was great. We even got lucky with some sunshine and clear skies! Afterwards, we had some popcorn on the porch for snack and then I headed up to Priscilla's mom's house for some bird soup and tea. This was good fellowship time... her family sure is good to me. We ended the day with watching a little yuraq (Eskimo dance) practice and then went to Morris' house for some gospel singing. What a great day!

Needless to say, I got home pretty late... after midnight... and decided it was time to make dinner :) And, I made soft tacos!!! Yes, this is a first for me :) They were super yummy! Well, Bavilla and Misty saw my light on from the basketball rink and sent me a text. So, I had some company for my late night dinner... loved it! We ended the night with some Wii karaoke and chatter... bedtime... after three in the morning! Lol.

Anyway, would like to write more but am gonna go for a run with Emily on the old airstrip. Ciao!

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