Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chevak, Alaska

So, here I am. I arrived in Chevak, Alaska a few days ago and will be here for a total of 12 days. It is flat here; tundra. We landed in a small plane and there were four-wheelers waiting to pick people up at the "airport". I got to ride in one of the three vehicles in town. The school is beautiful. I have been able to visit almost all of the elementary classrooms so far. The teachers are very welcome to having me in their classroom. I applied for this exchange program for a couple of reasons: 1) If I am going to teach in Alaska, I will have Native students in my class and many of them will have come from or have family in the villages and I want to better understand them and meet their needs, 2) My Dad was from southeast AK.. he was Haida Indian. I am only 1/8, but my dad always called me his blue-eyed, blonde-haired Native. He passed away a couple of years ago, but I was a daddy's girl.. I know that he would be so proud of me and think that it is so cool that I am here, 3) There are moments when I think I would like to teach in a village.

Now that I have been here and am living life in a village, I grow fonder of the idea of teaching here in Chevak every day. I know some would say it is crazy, and I agree it isn't for everyone, but I am loving it. It is a different world in many ways. Way less chaotic, less stressful. A different life. I have had dreams of teaching abroad, but perhaps I will start here...or maybe when I am older teach here... it has definitely captured my interestOn My Travels,
Misty Dawn Nelson

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  1. A native friend of mind just arrived in Chevak today and while I was googling I stumbled on your blog. So the question of the day is, did you remain in Chevak to teach or did you move on?


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