Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was my first Thanksgiving away from home EVER! And yes, I survived. (: The day began with what seemed like several phone calls while I was trying to sleep half the day away (I was a little homesick and figured this would help pass the time). *smiles* A few days ago I introduced myself and our buddy Jaden to baking. We had a great time- in fact, I think I have a passion somewhere deep (deep) down inside for baking. So, he called this morning to see if he could come over and bake. I told him I was sleeping and we could bake later. He called back a second later to make sure I would call him when I got up. *more smiles* Then I received a phone call requesting my presence to help make stuff for the dinner. There was no more putting it off- it was time to wake up. I should stop and add that I was in a MARVELOUS dream prior to these interruptions. I was on vacation in Mexico by myself in a chic evening outfit, roaming the streets nearby and running into buddies. The weather was perfect, the mood was right... it was almost heaven. And then, I woke up. To the phone ringing. In Chevak, Alaska. Without my family or closest friends. Despite the rude awakening, I actually had a great Thanksgiving. Jaden did come over and we made kiss cookies to bring to the dinner and I also make an apple raspberry pie. Now, I say I made the pie but I actually only "made" the crumbly crust on top. I bought the premade crust for the bottom and the premade filling. Nonetheless, I took great pride in putting it altogether and learning yet another recipe! (; **NOTE: For those of you unaware, I am pretty much domestically disabled so this whole baking thing is a BIG deal! *laugh*

After baking, I headed to Lena & Harry's house (Ulric's mom and dad), but on the way I stopped at Priscilla's to meet the newest addition to her family and say hello to the clan. There were at least ten adults and just as many kiddos there, but it was surprisingly quiet and calm. And, oh that little baby was adorable! It was very nice to visit with Priscilla (she is my classroom aide and friend); she took some time off to care for the baby. I said my goodbyes and headed to the Ferguson's for my turkey dinner. I arrived just in time to grab a spot in the winding line. Again, there were at least ten adults and as many children here. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet yams, and apple pie.

After eating and more eating I came home and took a short snooze. Around 7p I wandered over to the school to catch Priscilla's basketball game. It was great to visit with more people from the community as basketball is a big deal here. Chris and I ended our evening with crashing the community dance (run by teens) and then went back to the Ulroan's to play a round of Pictionary with Priscilla, Harriet, and Mary. When we got home we made some apple cider and sat on our porch, identifying the constellations. What made my day was seeing the three or four shooting stars while we were out there! Life is beautiful.

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